The fact that I am up thinking about this at 12am, on a Monday night is strange, and a bit obsessive …but its on my mind and I have no one to talk to so here I am…. This blog post is about a girl who I treated like shit and now karma has come back to me, to get sweet, sweet revenge.. this here post is pretty much me acknowledging her and my faults… are you ready for almost 600 words of nothing… good here we go!

To protect her identity lets call her Aaliyah white…. since recently I basically have no friends I thought of you … and I thought you would like to know how right you were and maybe celebrate my pain…but honestly you’re not really the type to… you are not a me. I thought how back when we got into it and you cut me off and basically all your friends, I remember thinking…”wow, how stupid and selfish could you be” but boy! was I wrong… you are something special and your insight about things and your certain vibe/energy that you possess will always protect you …. Just a year ago maybe closer to two I remember thanking God I wasn’t you now i am wishing i was…

I remember thinking damn she must be lonely. I felt bad for you… but now I inspire to be you. I never got a chance to apologize.. wait? that’s actually a lie I had amply opportunity to make things right with you but I decided to be fake and have hateful energy instead and I fear its to late to apologize… I mean what good would it do ? you’ll problem never read this and mostly likely you moved on from me and the situation so why I am writing this… last time I lurked your page (yes I am a werido creep) was 5 months ago you were a vegan looking beautiful as usual and being yourself, after a year of being away from me and all my negative bullshit you begin to flourish at an unusual pace, and I want to know how you did it?

I feel like I only care now, because I lost my friends recently and I just realized how right you were about me and I got sad and scared, I never realize how much of an asshole i was to you …like no seriously think about it ?? while we were friends I basically ruined you life… some could argue you were grown and could make your own decisions, I still say I was a negative influence in your life there’s no doubt about that, I literally made fun of you for not having friends and look were I’m at now LOL! life is funny….but like WHO the fuck I am… like seriously I am hitler reincarnated???.. why do everyone I touch eventually grows to dislike me? … I would like hear your voice again and your wisdom… but just cause my life is shitty right now doesn’t give me the right to pop up in your life and stunt your growth and try to steal your glow… I genuinely hope your happy and you’re getting everything your heart desires, you are something special and I hope you can forget i ever existed …

yours truly, no one.


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