Not a 100% sure if I am using this blog thing right some people say it's for recipes and famous people's drama… not my past traumas but…. I shall continue to tell you guys shit you don't care to hear. Recently, I started seeing this guy and I am so confused about him. I have feelings for him that I never felt for a guy. I feel nothing… but at the same time feel everything with him. We started talking about 2 months ago. He is a year younger than me and he acts like it, but I do like that he can be himself around me, I find that refreshing, anyway for our very first day he took me to the movies, and he actually paid. I been so mistreated by guys, him paying for my $7.25 movie ticket was probably the most amazing thing a guy has ever done for me….but so far we had two big issue in our I guess you can call a "relationship". Here goes nothing…

The first issue happened about 4 weeks into us knowing each other. He was broke one week, but still wanted to hang out, so I said we can go out to eat my treat since you paid for my movie ticket last time. So, he picks me up we decide to go to waffle house ( if you don't know what waffle house is you're missing out) and order take out, then go back to my house. As we are in the car we are talking about some pretty deep things, like his friend was just killed recently and his cousin was having a baby that night, and he was scared that the baby or the baby's father would end up like his dead friend. I thought it was weird he brought up the cousin thing, but I didn't really think about it to deep, so we get the food and he gets back in the car and he is still taking about his cousin? I was like "why are you here if your cousin is having a baby ?" he said because he wanted to see me. I was like "ok"…. so literally seconds after that, almost like it was planned… his brother calls, and he saids, and I quote "Ole gurl bout to have the baby" … Now the reason I have a problem with that statement is because, why is your brother calling "y'all" cousin "ole gurl" ??? why not say her fucking name, right ?? so he tells me he has to go after I just bout him food? I felt used as if the dude was hungry wanted some food but just didn't have the money …. or maybe I am over thinking it….

The second issue happened maybe a week or two after the first … now I know some of you all may say I should have stopped talking to him because of the first incident, but being a lonely girl with a lack of confidence can sometimes take a toll on you… but I digress the second incident made me so mad I instantly blocked him. Here's what happened… He came over one night around 10. We watched Creed I think and to make a long story short we had sex. Now this wasn't our first time… we've been together before but what made this situation so bad is his actions. The other times we sleep together when he had to leave he got dressed, we walked to my front door,he hugged me, and then he left…but this time was much different. His brother dropped him off this time, and when he had to leave someone had to pick him up…  I was thinking …I don't know maybe his brother would… but someone called him under the name "Ayesha" or something like that. When he answered the phone the conversation was weird, it something like this "I'm on the other side of town where u at? you wanna come get me ? ok cool come through" to me that sounded so weird… but I thought maybe it was his brother's girlfriend. They all share the same car??? werid I know… but being a girl with no car and or driver's license I can't judge… anyway when the girl or "person" got here he did something he never did before he asked for a wet towel, and some perfume!!!! He basically took a hoe bath in my bathroom as if he was trying to cover of the smell of me ….the fact that sex we just had ??

I was so furious I blocked him on every social media site and through my iphone. He called me a week later from a weird # asking me why I blocked him, what he do, etc…. long story short, he told me his mom picked him up and she was strict and Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah sounds like crap to me, but he offered to take me out to eat and my fat lonely ass couldn't resisted free food. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday, and he did something again that no guy has never done before. He opened my door to the car before and after I got in!! like that was so sweet to me. When I am around him I basically don't have to open my own door lol YAY! I am saved….no! but seriously I'm highly confused by this guy but very much intrigued. I'll keep you guys posted I am sure this will end in flames, but hey I am only young and dumb once right ?

no shit

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