Hey there, I'm back with another depressing ass blog about my life and my fears. Today we will be discussing how college and the american school system is trash, and how to prepare yourself…. are you ready… NO …. good neither I am. Let me first start off by telling why I believe college is so difficult in the first place… The public school system in America is a complete disaster. Lets start with the obvious, why doesn't school teach us things we actually need in life??.. Like how to file taxes, how to build credit, and hell how to even change a flat tire, but no we get learn the Pythagorean theorem like 4 different times in 5 different grades….

Anyways let me tell you my personal horror story with the public school system. From grade 1st-7th I was an amazing student AB honor roll, one year I even got straight A's… all that changed my 8th grade year. I got so tired of not getting enough credit from the teachers. In every class we had what i called a "demon" these students skip class, disrupt class, and were kinda disrespectful to the teacher, yet theses students got extra time to turn in homework, hell even snacks… I remember thinking WTF! am I working so hard for if all I have to do… is not do shit, and get praised for that…so that's exactly what I did.

I started skipping, not really doing homework, and over all just being stubborn. Towards the end of my highschool years things got so bad and I started to completely not care… I dropped out of highschool and went to this alternative highschool, even though I still got an actual diploma, and not an Ged it still was a very weird and terrible school system. This school was really for people like… girls who maybe were pregnant or had kids, people who had no transportation to school, people who worked a lot, or just didn't have the time to be at school 5 days a week and 8 hours a day!! You couldn't be over 20 to get in this school… it again was an actually high school. You were only required to come 2 days out of the week for at least 1 hour… yeah sounds like a dream huh? This school didn't serve lunch which I thought was odd or maybe my fat girl senses were just mad not actually me mad, and they only had about 10 teachers who each specialized in a certain subject. It was oddly disproportioned, it would be one math teacher and like seven reading teachers for some reason.

I remember the moment I  got there, how I realized this was a big mistake, but it was too late. They had a rather simple yet unusual system 10 books = 1 credit, and 5 books = .5 credit of course. After you completed the book you took a test on it, you only had 3 attempts. If you failed 3 times you had to redo the entire book, and some books contained 500 word essays and 300 pages of work!! I think the fuck not!! I had 19.5 credits when I transferred there, and needed 3.5 more to graduate, which meant I needed to complete 35 books right?…  (In my evil Donald trump voice) Wrong!!!

They made me take classes I didn't even need. I ended up graduating with 26 credits….I only needed 24! I completed 60 books. Some didn't even go towards my credits. It was the worst decision I ever made in my life. No one even helped me with the assignments. I did it all on my own…. this school completely miss the ball park of course and didn't prepare me for college, so as a result of that I ended up having to go to community college just to get a decent GPA, and some experience before I applied to the university I wanted to go to.

Now I'm here… my first year of college was half and half, it was hard because I made it hard. I refused to study correctly. I half did some assignments, but ended up doing pretty well. Now I am at my dream school. I switch my major from ADN to BSN, simply because after I graduate college. I refuse to come back. No, I don't need or want my master degree. The highest form of eduction I want is my bachelor degree, so I decided why not get it over with now, it'll only take me an extra 2 years from my original plan… so here  I am scared of failure and yearning for success.

So here's my advice for all new college students…

  1. Study, Study, Study…. everyday!!! that's the only way to pass
  2. Don't give up theres gonna be times when you think I cant do this and trust me you can!!!
  3. Use all the resources you have or all your school provides…the library at your school (if printing is free print practice test as many as they allow) any free books, tutors at your school, anything that can help you success use it!
  4. Build a strong professional!! relationship with your professor it may come in handy towards the end of the year!
  5. Take notes!!! I don't care if your professor makes a bad joke during the lectures write the joke down !!! write it all down… write it all down!!
  6. DONT procrastinate…. just don't !!!

Well you guys that's all I have for you today….if you have any question feel free to contact me !!! Happy Studies and my the force …. better yet may your GPA be with you, or forever in your favor!!!

How college students are feeling now that finals are upon us... - Imgur

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