Hey you guys lucky charm here, back with another blog post, and today I want to write about something short,sweet, and helpful. How to create a life plan and stick to it!

Before I give you step by step tips on creating your own life plan. I want to be clear…. In no way, shape, or form do I have my life all together. I'm 20 years old and at least two years behind on my original life plan, but that's not stopping me, and neither should it stop you. It doesn't matter what age you are, although its helps to have a life plan at a  young age, it DOES NOT mean you're too old or it's too late to have one. As long as you want change and have goals you can do it!!


Think about your future long and hard, although you don't need every aspect of your life figured out, think about everything you want in life and don't compromise, but be realistic, for example… if you want to be an artistic or a photographer, and you also want a mansion, it's not realistic considering the pay for those professions, but it is very much possible!! but will take sometime.



DO NOT get discourage under any circumstances!! That will be the death of your dreams/goals. If your constantly bringing yourself down then you will surely fail, bringing yourself down,which is something I use to do a lot and sometimes still do, (I guess old habitats die-hard) will only hurt you in the long run. The best advice I have for up lifting yourself is a good work out, (if you have good friends) hanging out with friends, and or family members, taking a small break and doing something for yourself, and lastly…this one may be a little bit controversial, but remember whatever your going through, its someone out there who has got it twice as bad as you. If your breathing and not buried somewhere six feet under count your blessings!

do it


Put yourself on a time frame… for example after you make your general life plan, like your career choice, schooling, and overall things you want to have, pick the most important or the one that is the most easiest/convenient for you… If you want a car say something like "by the end of this year I will have a car" say it, mean it, and work for it!



To go back to the car scenario…. to want a car is not enough, you have to work hard and save for one. Remember now, you are not where you want to be in life yet, so don't say you want a Range Rover and you're still in college working at McDonald's…. BE REASONABLE! Find a car that is reliable and for a good price! not Cheap price!! Now once you get the car, remember there will be extra expenses you will have to consider like insurance, gas, and emergency money for oil changes, flat tires, and etc. Which brings me to tip #5



Budgeting is always good!! Rather you're a CEO, work at a fast food joint, or hell even if you are jobless, any money you come in contact with needs to be carefully spent. Jay z once said "you don't have a $100 until you have $200" which means be careful on how you spend your money. If you want a car, that iPhone 8 will have to wait. Prioritize! If you make $600 every two weeks seat down, grab a pencil and paper, and budget… Realize and ask yourself questions like… If you live with your mom and want your own place can you handle rent and a car note without living paycheck to paycheck?


TIP #6 PRAY !!!!!!!!

Praying is the most therapeutic thing for me right now in my life. I don't know what you believe in or don't, but if you believe in some form of a higher power, pray! Heck you can even pray to the universe for things to fall in your favor. A simple prayer I made for myself goes like this… "Lord give me the strength and wisdom to carry on, may your love and grace fall down on me, I understand if I want something bad enough in life I must have faith and work hard, please Lord if it's in your will  ___________" in that blank you can say whatever you need …. for example " please Lord if it's in your will guide me to
a dependable job, and a car to take me from point A to point B in Jesus name I pray"



One of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite YouTubers …Spoken reasons "FAITH,CONSISTENCY, & HARD WORK!" that is everything you'll need to be successful in life… each word is powerful ! Faith: To have complete trust or confidence in someone or something!!! Consistency: The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality but over time!!! Hard work: A great deal of effort or endurance!! With all three you can't fail!!!


Well guys that's all I have for you hoped you guys enjoy… also just for bonus here is my life plan….


  1. Get a dependable car for school
  2. Graduate college by age 24, with good grades, and also try to make friends and be more out going.
  3. By age 25 I should be a college graduate with my bachelors degree and have a stable job, hopefully in my own place as well but I don't want to move out until I have *at least $3-5k in the bank saved…(sidenote before moving into my own place slowly buy things over time for my home instead of buying everything at once!!)
  4. By age 30 I should have at least $10-15k saved in a bank, if possible also starting my own business, and hopefully by then I've found someone who I can trust and build with.
  5. When I am 33 I shall Take a year break  from work and travel for one year straight with my husband and see the world.
  6. By age 35 I will start a family, once I find out I'm pregnant open a savings account for my child/children and put $20 a month in that account until they're 18 for college
  7. enjoy life, live free, love and be happy!!


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