Hey everyone today I am here with hopefully a short and sweet blog post, about my skin care routine, before I give you all my secrets let me give you a little history on my skin…

I have had acne since the 6th grade, and each year of life I gain it grows worst! Not sure what the hell is going on but I am definitely visiting a dermatologist really soon, I mostly have really oily skin which causes my breakouts, but I have created a routine, where each month I have fewer and fewer breakouts, and I even managed to get rid of a couple of dark spots and here is how I did it …


  1. Find your skin type and what works best for you!!

Please visit a dermatologist unlike me. we all have different skin types…. I could be allergic to something I am using now! and wouldn’t even know it because I havent seen a doctor about my skin, so do as I say and not as I do and visit your local dermatologist !!

2. Create a routine !

I like to at least wash my face twice a day. Once in the morning, and Once before I go to bed, that usually works for me, but some people need more some people need least times to wash their face, So find something that is comfortable for your skin type, whether it’s once a day or 4 times a day do research and figure what is best for you!


3. Natural products !

Natural anything is way better than the chemically process stuff. If you can’t afford a dermatologist and don’t know if your skin can handle certain types of skin care products always go the natural route, you can make your on face mask out of simply honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon. It all depends on what your skin can handle. My favorite place to shop for natural products, if I am not making them myself is amazon they have lots of good natural products for cheap!! just make sure you read the ingredient list before you buy!!


drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water dink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water drink water and drink water !!!! healthy skin loves plenty of water !!!!!!


5. Your diet

Sorry to say this, but being healthy is absolutely necessary to have good skin and overall good health… Try a richer diet in vegetables and fruits avoid starchy foods and too much sugars like sodas, but again this all depends on you, You could be allergic to certain things, and you may have notice certain foods that may not be considered healthy could potentially make your skin glow, and if that’s the case whatever floats your boat!


Please don’t touch your face or pick at your face…and always wash your hands the dirt and oil that is on your hands and finger tips really can hurt your skin!! so be clean and safe please !!!

Ok, that’s all I have for you guys today and for a surprise, here is my skin care routine

  1. Wake up drink 1 bottle of water
  2. Wash face with oil-free ance wash pink grapefruit by Neutogena
  3. Make bae tea or any detox or any complexion tea that I may have, make a cup drink it by noon
  4. Use Hawaiian face toner throughout the day when my face gets too oily…
  5. Around bed time wash face throughly with warm water
  6. Use either my avocado mask or Manuka honey brighten mask or any mask I have available, put on face for 5 mins before washing off with warm or cold water
  7. Take a make up wipe and put Hawaiian facial toner on it and gently wash face for any extra dirt that could be lingering around

And that’s it you guys if you want to see this in action subscribe to my YouTube channel  will upload routine soon !!!here

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