Today’s blog post is more of a vent than actually advice or tips, well both, but today’s subject is something that I have noticed a lot about my generation, it’s the obsession with calling someone fake or people actually being fake so lets argue….

We have all done something that someone might consider fake…. When I was in high school I did some really shady things to people/friends and made some pretty poor life decision and I will always be ashamed of my actions, things I use to do include, showing off too much (well sometimes still do), pretending a situation is better than what it actually is, talking shit about friends, etc. I definitely wasn’t the model teenager or friend but after losing a friend and having karma whoop my ass, I learned how to be a better and more mature person.

Not everyone is fake, the line between being fake and being proud of yourself or hell having a different opinion than others is quite thin, but you have to be mature enough to understand the difference for example, If you get a new car, its ok to want to post it on social media and be proud of yourself that’s not fake…. the fakeness comes when you try to pretend like you never didn’t have a car at one point, like you never struggled, and making other people or someone you could call a friend feel bad about their situation. If you have a friend that rides the bus constantly saying things like “I don’t know how y’all be so old and not have a car” is very inconsiderate. The problem with a lot of people is they pretending they don’t struggle or overly bragging its the reason we all at one point lose friends, because we not mature enough and every small thing u do that is considered fake, you just cover it up as they just hating….No, u don’t go up to a homeless person and brag about buying a new home…

You doing better than me, that’s great keep up the good work, you not doing as good as me, that’s ok things take time️. Be understanding and mature. Not everyone is going to have it as good as you, even if you don’t know it people secretly go through things and you just have to be mature enough to understand that….




Don’t assume that friend that has a mom and a dad has prefect life, I grew up without a dad and envied everyone who did, I assumed if you had a mother and a father in your life it was great, but that might not be the case every time… I have had friends who had their mom and dad and was abused and mistreated in their household, it’s not safe or nice to assume, be kind to everyone… and vise versa don’t assume because I didn’t have a dad life was horrible. My mom and grandmother made my childhood magical. I can’t remember a christmas where I didn’t get exactly what I asked for. They will always and forever be apart of me!



I have this bad on social media where I over do almost everything, I brag too much, I vent too much, I overreact too much I recently thought I lost all my friends over a disagreement and that wasn’t the case at all…. IM VERY EXTRA !!!! Although on social media its safe for me to sometimes over do things, only because my friends aren’t as social media driven as me, and also, what I post on social media, I don’t exactly say to my friends, for example on my twitter it looks like I’m having fun in college and I study everyday, when I talk to my friends I am a bit more open. I tell them how I failed a test, and how my professor is so horrible, I be frank with my friends and a little more private on social media. Know the difference if everything is not ok, it’s not ok! Of course you don’t have to share that information with your friends, if you don’t want to but don’t pretend or rub in their face that everything is fine, because it might not be for them!



Since I am not a mind reader, I don’t know how someone feels, if they don’t tell me. I can say something that offends you, and make you upset, and if you never tell me and just decide to hate me for it, talk down toward me, or cut me off for it… Its immature, Yes! you can make the decision to not want to be around someone for what they said/did or how they treat you, but at least tell them how you feel or what they did, so that person doesn’t have to wonder and can make a change and or apology.



Kendrick Lamar said it best, be humble seat down!!! Here’s a small story I have to share…I remember once I dropped out of high school and for a good 6 months I didn’t have a diploma or didn’t know how I was going to graduate, and by the grace of God I ended up getting my diploma, and once I did you couldn’t tell me shit! I was posting my diploma on Facebook, Twitter, and the whole world just letting people know I made it like 6 months ago I wasn’t scared shitless, and at the time I had a friend or in all honesty a friendmeny (a person who is considered a friend but deep down y’all mistreat each other) that didn’t graduate high school either and while I was posting all this, I didn’t give two fucks about her feeling, and that to me, what I did was very fake! So you have to humble yourself and remember where you came from!!

So that’s all I have for you guys, just thought I’d vent and try to help people from making the same mistakes I did. When you are younger and more immature… the hunger for success or to be the first at something is real, and you have to not lose yourself in jealousy or envy!!!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤❤

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