Hey you guys, sorry I havent posted in a while, nursing school is kicking my ass right now, but today I am so excited and I just want to give you guys a little update on whats going in my life right now..

I been asking God to send me somebody who cares about me and wont leave me since 2014, and I think he finally answered my prayers, but before I tell you about this wonderful man let me tell you about the last guy I was recently seeing…. so as you guys may or may not remember, I was seeing this guy who was giving me mixed emotions, lets just call him Adam, Adam and I met this past summer and had what a 17-year-old might say was fun… but I started to notice how this guy would use me…

We went out a total of 9 times, and I paid for all expect one, He would only come over at night trying to have sex and when I refused he left, He would txt me back at least 6 hours between each text, and once he honestly had the nerve to ask me for $300… and I was so close to giving it to him, only because I just like to help people when I am able, and he “said” he wanted more from me…(yeah about $300 more), but in all seriousness he said he wanted a relationship with me, but treated me like I was some girl he thought he could use…

We actually got into a bad argument 1 week before I met what I want to call my future husband possibly, I told him how I felt and why I think he doesn’t care and how we should spend sometime apart…. you know what his responds was..No not “I like you and want to see where things go”, not a “baby im sorry I will do better” but a “you still gone loan me $300 right ?” The nerve I blocked his number admittedly… a couple of days later I started texting this guy…

This guy was so upfront and honest it blew me away. The day we met he came to pick me up and we went to Starbucks… He opened my door for me and the moment we met til the moment he dropped me off we TALKED like actually had a conversation about our future, We had so much in common and it was so beautiful, I thought to myself could he be what I had been waiting for, crying for and praying to God for…for all these years…

Last week He came over with flowers and asked me to be his girlfriend and gave me a promise ring a week later… No This isn’t some fairy tale I read years ago, this actually happened to me! something I dreamed of, as I am writing this crazily I am planning out our future, him being at my graduation for when I graduate nursing school, me being at his graduation for when he graduates law school, him helping me when I feel down, us moving in together, us getting engaged and telling our mothers, us having a small outdoors wedding or possibly running off to Vegas to get married, Us in paris for our honeymoon, us working hard and building an amazing life together, us traveling, us having a beautiful baby together, us celebrating holidays and growing old together… I know I sound crazy but if you been hurt as many times as I have you would get excited too..


I knew something was special with him because the devil tried to admittedly ruin this for me, The night before he asked me out, my ex asked to come over I never got closure from him and havent seen him in two years, it was so bizarre to me that he finally contacts me once I thought I’ve found someone… and I wont lie I thought about inviting him over to talk about us…but instead I let it go and I facetimed the man I see so much potential in and I couldn’t be more excited…. To building a future and one day loving you and only you!

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