Hey you guys, I know, I Know I havent posted in a while, but life has been kicking my ass nothing new though. I  have a lot to tell you guys especially since it seems my whole life has gone to shit…. Today, we are talking about nursing school…. yeah here we go again…

I named this post, and a YouTube video subscribe here “accepting defeat” because in a sense I am giving up, I don’t like to give up on things. My whole life I’ve been a quitter, but right now in my life, I just can’t lie to myself anymore… it’s exhausting. When I first decided to be a nurse or go to nursing school, you want to know what my number one reason was for going to nursing school?…. The MONEY, and the second was because I thought I would look cute in scrubs … I know, I know you might want to say “charmecia how could you base your entire life or career for a cute uniform” I was 17 sue me…

In all honesty, I knew I couldn’t complete nursing the moment I talked to a woman who calls herself nursenicole at least that’s on her name on instagram and snapchat, she amongst many I reached out to for guidance and the truth, told me many things …I asked them a number of questions like is was hard? is it good money? why did you choose nursing? blah, blah, blah and across the board I got the same discouraging answers, but whats different about what nurse Nicole had to say to me will always stick with me. She said something along the lines of  “this career is draining, I barely get to see my son it’s incredibly stressful, is the money good? yeah, of course your basically a doctor, but the work is demanding and extremely hard and now I am stuck here thousands of dollars in debt with a degree I despise” When she told me that all my warning signs went up!

…But I ignored them for the sake of lying to myself… I told myself hey if you study for hours you should be fine *I wasnt* if you don’t get a job and focus completely on school you should me fine, but I wasnt. I was the farthest thing from fine, I had somehow lied to myself for so long that I truly believe it, I mean come on I barely graduated highschool how the hell was I going to be able to complete nursing school, Now I know you might want to say something encouraging, like don’t give up! you can do this!, but the simple fact of the matter is that I can’t do this, I just CANT, I have waved the white flag and i am accepting defeat, and that’s fine.

But, Hey, look on the bright side I think I have found a career that can accommodate my needs/lifestyle, something that’s not as stressful as nursing school and something that makes a good enough living like nursing, That career is healthcare management… I was told by an advisor 35-40% of nurses try to go for a healthcare management degree, I hate I didn’t find this career sooner, but on the bright side I have bout ten classes already completed! I should if I switch my major next year be done in a year! and im excited again. I have hope! I feel as though this is the pep talk I needed for myself years ago..

The older you get the more you become more realistic! and the more you understand exactly what you want out of life, and im slowing getting there I understand what I can and can’t do… I’m not a genius so school will be hard for me, but I can make it easier on myself by understanding what I can and can’t do, I am learning to get over my jealous, competitive, and show-offy behaviors…college is not a race, I can’t be trying to finish faster than the next man. I have to stay focus and stay on my path…. This is something I need to do for me and only me …

To wrap this post up, I want to give you guys a few tips. Just because I would like this post to at least help one person… instead of it just being an unhealthy way for me to vent online …. these are a few tips I have on how to choose a career that suits you!

  1. Think of something you are truly passionate about…seriously anything if you are passionate about Barbie dolls … then put that into consideration
  2. Take an online or paper career test or personality test https://v6.typefocus.com is a good company/website that helps determine what type of job suits you best
  3. Do intensive research on a career you are interested in, look up the salary in different states as well as your own, look up the job outlook, and the responsibilities of that job requirement
  4. Determine what type of person you are, and be brutally honest, are you lazy? are you a morning person, are you a night owl, are you an active person and have high energy or do you prefer a quite rather work alone type of job
  5. DONT lie to yourself, If you know your not a morning person or a person who doesn’t like the same everyday routine then maybe you shouldnt be a teacher 
  6. Dont follow the money, you will regret it in the long run ! 
  7. Lastly ask for help reach out to people in the same career field that you are choosing remember in life you grow you never know what the future holds so it’s best to pick a career that is your type of flexible

Ok guys that’s all I have for you, im Charmecia thanks for joining me see you next week or maybe month for another depressing ass blog, don’t forget to tip your waitress Goodnight! and drive safe!

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