Hey, back with another blog post lets skip the funny, badly grammar intro and let’s get straight in to this..

Today, we are talking about why you should focus on yourself… I was going to say something along the lines of … in your early teens or 20’s you should always stay focused on yourself….but you should always focus on yourself or put yourself first especially if you are not were you want to be in life no matter your age….

I have a confession … recently I made a blog post titled could he be the one? and I got to tell you guys he wasn’t I knew from the moment I met him he wasn’t…. I wasn’t content with lying to myself and pretending he was just for the sake of having someone and not being lonely… I been searching for the perfect love probably since I was 12… I never had my father in my life, and because of that I been missing and yearning for a male figure in my life…

A guy to love me unconditionally, teach me things, help me when needed, and etc… but the more I put myself out there, the more I get my hopes up and the more mistakes I tend to make… every time I get with a guy my life slowly starts to slip away… my money becomes his money and instead of treating myself to things I normally do like getting my nails done, instead I take that money and put it in to who ever I am with at the time  whether it be food, clothing, or hell even gas for his car I go above and beyond and I tend to lose myself… How the hell can I focus on another human being when I can’t even take care of myself ??

I even go as far as changing my life plans/style, I will get distracted in school and tell myself …”Oh, you don’t need college find a decent job and start saving, so maybe you and &so can get your own place” … I lose who I am every single time and it only hurts me …

FOCUS on yourself, stick to whatever plan God has for you… Dont get astray… find your passion take that leap… we all have something in us that could help or allow us to be successful, but we tend to lose that something… chasing something that isn’t meant for us and it’s not good for you, at all.

Relationship can wait, Friendships if they are real can stand a month or two without talking daily find some time to do something in the words of my favorite Tyler the creator song …. find some time to do something that benefits your life goals… everything else can wait…

Life isn’t easy. Getting to where you need to be in life wont be easy, you might have to work a crappy job just to make ends meet but remember its only temporary, once you find your calling do whatever it takes to meet your goals …

I have a new life plan…. I’m been thinking about my life lately as per usually but, I come to many realization and truths about myself. I have stop lying to myself about the world around me and accepted things for what they are…here are a few tips to find your calling

  1.  having a passion is different from having a career… your passion might not make a living it can if you want it to be, but be prepared…. it may not 
  2. don’t listen to the masses you don’t need college if you can’t find a career that fits a major in a certain college …. create your own path
  3. take that leap of faith you will regret not doing it trust me 
  4. trust your gut listen to yourself im sure you won’t steer yourself wrong
  5. have faith !
  6. create a life plan! follow every step no matter how long it takes

After taking my own advice, I feel as though its only right to give you guys my new and improved life plan before… on my old life plan I wanted to move out when I graduated nursing school, become a nurse and blah,blah, blah. My new life plan is revised and realistic and still helps me complete my goals ….

New life plan….

  1. get license ✓ *as of last week I’m officially a legal driver* after 3 years of failing… never give up
  2. get a car
  3. find a job full or part-time depending on school schedule
  4. start a savings put back at least $50-100 every month in savings account
  5. get a small apartment maybe just for a year if I don’t finish college within 1-2 years I may move back to focus on school
  6. change major !?!? yes! to healthcare management, easier more flexible work environment that suits me more.
  7. graduate by 2019
  8. find a job preferably at a clinic, hospital, or children’s hospital
  9. start a business or perfect my YouTube channel subscribe  here
  10. maybe move to a different state ?
  11. buy a home!
  12. travel!

We that’s all folks see you next blog post hope you enjoyed and it helped at least one person…never give up follow your dreams and don’t lose the faith !!!!!!!!

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