I just finished watching the season finale of Euphoria, and I gotta tell yall… I feel the farthest thing from alone right now. Life in all honesty without sounding completely hopeless is but a game or even a dream if you will. Its a game of fate and your fate lies entirely in your actions or even lack thereof. I wonder why my particular generation is suffering the most with anxiety and depression, yeah we can blame it on the media and society for making mental health issues essentially mainstream. I am here to tell you, you are not crazy and there is nothing wrong with you or your life, it’s all that you make it be. Choose what matters to you, for some they want to make a difference, some want to live as one with the earth and take in as much as possible. Either way I will tell you, happiness is something that can never truly be obtain, because you will have bad days.. a lot of them actually and if you always think negative you will receive just that, 7 billion people in this world, not all of us will be millionaires, not all us will follow and complete our dreams… Some of us have to make your order at McDonald’s, some of us save your loved ones in hospitals, some of us will teach the youth. We all have different dreams and goals and the earth will not stop just because things don’t go your way. As Elon musk once said sarcastically ” love is the answer”. To all of the human troubles, being a human only means you are more aware and because of that, we have to be responsible. Yes, we will mistake some worse than others, but if you find love in yourself, if you are willing to forgive others and forgive yourself you will at that moment understand Who and What God is… God is, the best parts of us, and the reason we can get up another day and figure it out because life is less of the little/bad things and more of the intangible things like good memories or that feeling you get around the holidays…In its purest form, it’s stronger than any drug you can create … love

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