just finished Atlanta season 3 episode 1, and my God…

If I could take one thing away from this episode, it is that we as black people do not belong in the white man’s world at all…This episode was like watching a horror film, but the thing is … it wasn’t horror at all it was reality.. A black boy, A black girl…with white parents… adopted as the white folks may say.. living with us is better than what you had, they say..eat the food I prepared for you, even though it makes your stomach sick, work for me because I said so… This episode touched my heart, and angered my soul….

There is no end to the black struggle.. Watching this episode I realized how blessed I truly am, wasn’t raised in the system, didn’t have anyone touching me when I was a child unlike many and I mean many of the people I know in my life… I had a mother who loved me and did everything to provide me with a safe and beautiful life.. Due to the trauma of my mother’s younger years, I was never able to emotionally connect with her but she took care of my needs as a human and I had to be grateful for just that …But even when things are decent its never ok..there is no end to the black struggle..

In this episode, a little boy just being hyper in class, and by hyper I mean just being a kid.. changed his life…the teachers got tired of it and called his mother, which led to the teacher witnessing, how black kids are disciplined… the mother makes the child do the same dance he was dancing in class … saying “since you like disrupting the class dancing and talking… gone nay nay (a popular dance) gone on, Now whip” The grandfather finishes the display of discipline by lightly slapping the child 3 times and saying essentially “get your act together”

And because of those 3 little slaps … The teacher reported the incident to child services and now the little boy gets a visit from a social worker and is taken away.. to a life far worst than the one he had… he was taken in by two white women.. to the world they look like the children’s saviors, to the children it was hell…You see these white women project their “culture” , racism, and lifestyle on these children that required different and more thoughtful caretaking.. Yet these women made NO accommodations …

The show continues, with the boy showing his hatred for his new lifestyle… A social worker comes to do a wellness check and she can see clear as day these children are not being cared for properly… now this caseworker was a different caseworker than what the women were used to, and apparently, the old caseworker swept a lot of things under the rug, while the new black, yes, the black caseworker was seeing red flags all around… Once the white women see oops!, we are in trouble.. there is a part of the show where it is heavily insinuated that the women kill her (the black caseworker) in order to not get in trouble.. The women then decide to go on the run…

And, Do a mass suicide of themselves and the children… But the little black boy is clever, he notices more than enough red flags to get him and his adopted siblings out of there … he tricked the woman, and at the last min before the women could stop the car from driving off a cliff they noticed the… kids were not in the back seat of the car… The episode ends with the little black boy walking home, going straight in and washing the dishes, then he warms up some spaghetti and watches cartoons..

The black struggle is never over… slavery was just a taste of our injustice.. we are living in a world that hates us, I asked God recently, Why do I have to be black, everything is harder for me. Love is almost impossible, fitting in is losing myself, and feeling accepted in this place called America feels counterintuitive. To be accepted by people who are not accepting is a conundrum in itself. The black struggle will never end and the suffering will continue ..

I will never be loved, I will never have generational wealth these are all things I have accepted about being black, The more and more art I see from black artists the more hopes I have, but then reality hits me every time.. This world was never meant for me .. it was built by me, but it will never accept me… there will always be a struggle.

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